Determinants of Health Dashboards

Health equity is at the core of a healthy population.

Reducing and overcoming the persistent health disparities and inequities within the community is mission imperative for hospitals.

HIDI’s Determinants of Health Dashboard Program is an affordable and unique solution to help hospitals gain a better understanding of their patient population and learn how social determinants of health impact outcomes in their communities.

Developed In Partnership

Developed in collaboration with quality and equity stakeholders from hospitals throughout Missouri, the new dashboards stratify hospital-specific administrative claims data into key sociodemographics, such as race, ethnicity, age and gender. The ability to analyze quality and safety data in this way provides hospitals with unprecedented visibility into the potential drivers of health care disparities, specific to their patient populations — a vantage point that’s critical when allocating finite resources for targeted improvements.

Key Features

  • Helps hospitals meet and exceed the new CMS and TJC regulatory and accreditation requirements
  • Provides actionable insights regarding disparities that exist within patient populations to help hospitals cohesively mobilize toward health equity in their communities
  • Gains advantage for payer financial incentives for efforts to advance health equity
  • Includes timely, complete hospital discharge data, as well as established risk-adjusted measures and SDOH content
  • Stratifies sociodemographic patient data by race, ethnicity, age, gender, insurance status and social complexity
  • Provides highly flexible peer group benchmarking options
  • Enables integration with EHR and other clinical data systems ​through patient-level drill-through

Product Suite


Hear What Missouri Users Are Saying About Hospital-Specific Determinants of Health Dashboards

“Our greatest gain was seeing the Z code percentage coding of our organization compared with peers. We immediately identified internal processes to improve documentation.”

“I particularly like the patient list filters, which allow us to analyze and ensure patients are a true match for our improvement efforts.”

“The visuals are great — really concrete and intuitive.”

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