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Visualize Your Data to Make Better Decisions

Data Visualization and Insight

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Hospital Data Visualization

Understand who your patients are, where they’re coming from, and why.

Health data can be complicated. HIDI Advantage Optics turns your data into business intelligence using HIDI data curation, reports and dynamic state of the art data visualization.

Advantage Optics offers a wide choice of timelines, maps and custom visualization to discover patterns and trends and easily drill into the data to drive care improvement, operational efficiencies and market response.

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What is It?

  • Market Optics

    Market Optics helps users understand the competitive environment and see where patients are going for services, physician referral patterns, utilization trends and more. Interactive and HIDI-curated dashboards help users better understand their market share, market leakage and target market growth opportunities.

  • Care Optics

    Care Optics helps clinicians monitor and compare quality performance benchmarks against peers. HIDI’s drill-through reports provide clinical insight into outlier cases for targeted learning and improvement. HIDI’s proprietary risk adjustment modeling allows users to see true benchmarking for key metrics such as 30-day readmissions, hospital-acquired conditions and all of the Agency for Health Care Research and Quality (AHRQ) metrics.

    Learn more about our newly enhanced Determinants of Health Dashboards program.

  • Risk Optics

    Risk Optics help visualize outcomes for populations at risk. HIDI’s sophisticated risk adjustment modeling identifies risk to build insights to target interventions for better outcomes for vulnerable populations. The Risk Optics visualization suite of dashboards helps users understand and better manage population health.

How it Works

HIDI Advantage Optics is a comprehensive business intelligence platform for hospitals and health data users. Powered by a Tableau business intelligence platform and robust data sources, Advantage Optics provides the visualization tools for providers to understand their data.

C-Suite decision makers, strategic planners and clinicians use Advantage Optics to understand market and performance data. Intuitive reports are available as turnkey pre-built views and can be customized through hundreds of filters by more sophisticated users. Certain users have access to aggregated statewide, membership or other filterable views to track performance against quality metrics, financial performance and more.

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Improve Care & Operations

  • Access to timely, affordable market data and visualization tools to inform strategic planning
  • Timely information for analysts and C-suite team members on quality programs to inform resource allocation and financial impacts
  • Benchmarking and data to improve care and build community consensus around health needs
  • Near real-time point-of-care notifications and alerts for high-risk patient cohorts
  • Business intelligence for state hospital associations to support advocacy, policy and compliance needs of members
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Better Strategic Decision Support

  • Identify any market leakage within service lines and service areas

  • Track physician utilization and loyalty

  • Strategize growth opportunities for expansion of new and additional services

  • Understand patient demographics and define patient needs in enhanced ways

  • Target interventions for better outcomes for vulnerable populations

  • Provide quality program benchmarking, and performance and evaluation

  • Engage advanced strategic planning scenario simulations

  • Understand and manage population health

Get Started

HIDI Advantage Optics helps turn health data into business intelligence to change and make measurable improvements in patient care, operational efficiencies and market response. Contact HIDI to start getting more from your data.

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