HIDI Launches Fiscal Optics – Hospital Performance Insights Services

Now more than ever, hospitals and health systems are facing a myriad of financial challenges. Timely data is needed to maintain situational awareness of the fiscal health of hospitals and gain operational insights necessary to help hospitals make the fiscal and operational decisions to thrive in today’s uncertain economic landscape.

A new HIDI Advantage service offering, Fiscal Optics Hospital Performance Insights, equips hospital leaders with unique visibility of fiscal performance within similarly sized markets informed by timely and comprehensive hospital financial data. Secure access to intuitively designed interactive executive dashboards enables fine-tuned decision-making informed by actionable insights. This one-of-a-kind solution will help hospital teams access timely visualizations of peer benchmarking information in common fiscal groupings, such as gross revenue, discounts and expenses.

Beginning Thursday, Feb. 1, HIDI’s Optics Data Collection portal will be accessible to authorized users for quarterly submission of relevant KPIs related to hospital income statement data. Hospital participation in this data collection initiative is key. Please contact HIDI with questions, or to learn how to participate.