HIDI ADVANTAGE Fundamentals Testimonial

When North Carolina needed to update its outdated system for state-mandated hospital data collection, the North Carolina Healthcare Association turned to HIDI.

“We had a very short timeframe to migrate our data from our previous vendor, and HIDI committed all the resources to help us complete the migration in what was really record time,” said Jonathan Kea, NCHA’s senior director for data and information systems. “We’ve had very good feedback from our members. We’ve had very few issues with the migration.” HIDI Advantage Fundamentals is the cornerstone of its business, providing turnkey hospital intake and discharge data collection, processing, aggregation and delivery in full compliance with state mandates.

Jonathan Kea

NCHA’s senior director for data and information systems


Hear What Missouri Users Are Saying About Hospital-Specific Determinants of Health Dashboards

“Our greatest gain was seeing the Z code percentage coding of our organization compared with peers. We immediately identified internal processes to improve documentation.”

“I particularly like the patient list filters, which allow us to analyze and ensure patients are a true match for our improvement efforts.”

“The visuals are great — really concrete and intuitive.”

HIDI ADVANTAGE Analytics Testimonial

When Bryan Metzger saw a HIDI presentation about a website that provided ZIP-code-level health information for Missouri hospitals and communities, he saw an opportunity to make better use of hospital data already being collected in Tennessee.

The result was exploreTNhealth, a web-based tool developed by HIDI and the Tennessee Hospital Association, where Metzger serves as senior vice president for information services.

“We saw exploreTNhealth as an opportunity to leverage the data that our association collects (hospital claims data) to benefit public health at large in our state,” he said. “exploreTNhealth, and the ZIP Health Rankings dataset that powers it, provides a unique, granular view of community health.”

ZIP-code-level health information is one example of how HIDI Advantage Analytics can help hospitals and state associations better understand and respond to the health needs of their communities.

Bryan Metzger

Senior Vice President - Information Services

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